Today for some reason I was in more pain than yesterday; medicines lasted approximately three hours before I needed another dose, and I can’t take any more now because the only thing I’ve got at this point is Excedrin Migraine, which is half pain killer and half caffiene. I have enough problems not sleeping without that, thanks. Plus I’m tired of taking pills. Makes me feel like I’m going to be destroyed every moment. In addition to the pain (OK, mostly, probably, because of the pain), today dragged so much and I was retarded all day; I’m sure everything I wrote was crap, and I made so many stupid mistakes on calls. I’m soOoOoOo glad it’s Friday; I feel like I’ve worked a long and arduous week instead of just two freaking days. Stupid mouth. Still wish I’d taken the whole damn week off, but how was I supposed to know it would suck this bad?

Anyway, bitching aside, I’ve decided that my initial run of Shaman King fics are all going to be connected… not exactly a series, but all in the same continuum. I figure that’s a good way to work out the crap of starting in a new fandom. The pairings are going to be: Yoh/Anna (with hints of possible Yoh/Horohoro), Horohoro/Pirika (again with hints of possible Yoh/Horohoro), Hao/Ren (with hints of Yoh fixation), Pailong/Jun, Ryuu/Lyserg (with allusions to previous Marco/Lyserg), Faust/Eliza, Amidamaru/Silva (with allusions to previous Amidamaru/Mosuke), Chocolove/Tamao, and Manta/Kororo. I’ve already written and posted one little item, of course; I wrote an accompanying piece (from H.’s point of view) at work today (though, as I mentioned, I’m sure it’s crap), and started on Amimdamaru/Silva; and I’ve got so many ideas for all the others. It’s all so very exciting. At this point it’s all based mostly on the anime, regrettable as that is, as I still haven’t managed to get hold of scanslations past volume 15 of the manga. Still, as I said, working through the new-fandom crap, so I might as well be basing it on the anime. I’ll get to the good stuff eventually.

That’s all I have to say for now. Time to put cold stuff on my face and not do anything. Video games? Yeah.