Normally on weekends I sleep until 3 or 4, but the pain killer wore off and I woke up at about the time I usually do to go to work. So I got up and watched the last DVD of Samurai Champloo that I’ve had for a while but hadn’t watched yet (the ending met my every expectation), took a shower, and now kinda feel like doing stuff. Cleaning my room and such.

I must say, I can’t really think of a taste that wouldn’t be preferable to what’s in my mouth. Even the taste of a spider (though I must strongly differentiate here between being aware that this is what a spider tastes like and actually eating a spider) must be better than this, although as I honestly don’t know what a spider tastes like, I could be wrong. Dentist guy said it takes weeks for the holes to heal up; does that mean I have to suffer this horrible flavor and take pain killer every couple of hours for weeks?!?!?!?! I’m going to die. I thought for a while that the $1200 would be the worst part of this, but it seems I was wrong. Whether or not I should be glad about that, I’m not sure.

If I were Faust I would have morphine. Of course, if I were Lyserg I would have Morphine. In my current situation it would be a coin toss to choose between the two.

I’m still limited to softer foods that I can eat in small bites. Methinks I will go to Safeway later and get my usual lunch. I need a new bottle anyway, as I theorize that dehydration isn’t helping with the pain. The problem is that I like my water to taste good, but as the flavor of plain water isn’t enough to override the taste in my mouth, drinking water is like drinking that flavor *shudders*

OK, I have nothing more to say at the moment. Except that I love Saitou and Sano and I will use my default icon instead of my dead Hero icon because I love them.