I actually had several dreams, and I’ll mention the first one in brief: it was one of those where I’m going somewhere with someone in a car, and we either go to the wrong place or have to stop somewhere first, then get sidetracked at that place doing things like raiding the fridge and playing the piano, and never get to where we’re actually supposed to be going.

Then I was wis my family at some water zoo show place, and we were watching the orca. This particular orca had odd birthmarks: red spiky things around its mouth so it looked like it had these huge jagged red teeth. It was actually really cute, but one can see how in the wild it would be rather terrifying for the other animals. Now, in this dream, giraffes were marine creatures, and there was a giraffe in the same tank as the orca. And the orca was having loads of fun swimming up to the giraffe really fast and scaring it so the giraffe would run/swim to the other side of the tank, at which point the orca would do it again. We were all laughing at this because it was terribly cute and funny. I was standing at one edge of the tank wis my sister P, and suddenly I found myself kinda hypnotized by the goings-on in the water, and starting to fall in. I couldn’t move, so I told P to grab me and pull me back. She seemed somewhat skeptical of this request, and did so only half-heartedly, which caused us both almost to fall in. But we didn’t, so that was good.

At this point the dream shifted a little so that I was actually an employee at this water park place, and my family was not around. My fellow employees were Jayne and a woman who was a cross between Zoe and Princess Millerna. Which resulted in an interesting continual shifting of skin and hair color that only struck me as rather bizarre once I woke up. Also in the dream I was always forgetting her name. So. This group of marine performers was coming to do some shows wis the aminals, so we were cleaning stuff up and getting things ready for them; we had to feed them when they got there, so we had all this food. Then they arrived, and we were surprised to see that they were all young young children — like, under ten years old. We were all a little taken aback by this, but Jayne was really angry. He thought it was a terrible thing to push young children to be performers like that, and to regulate their diets to keep them at a certain weight as seemed to have been done. Funny thing is, while I don’t remember the exact words he used to rant about this, I do recall that my dream was attempting to imitate Firefly dialogue and doing a rather bad job of it. Did I mention that the parents of these kids were there as chaperons? Yeah. So Jayne wasn’t tactful about stating these opinions of his, whereas Zoe/Millerna held her tongue; I was less convinced that these kids were being exploited than they were, though still of the opinion that to be serious athletes at their age was probably unhealthy, so I stayed quiet too.

Half the kids went to practice their routines, and the rest of them sat down to eat. We got them their foods and then we were going to eat stuff too. Jayne was still ranting, though, so I decided to go see if I could talk him into shutting up for the sake of relations wis these peoples. But as soon as I sat down next to him, one of the mothers came up and started bitching about how we’d gotten her kid’s order wrong (very McDonald’s-customer-like), and Jayne had to go fix it. As soon as he was gone, the mother started bitching at me about how this place was so terrible because of Jayne’s lack of respect, then went on to point out my hair as another sign of how degenerate we were. I started defending myself rather loudly (I guess I’m allowed to be OOC in my own dreams if I want; usually it’s super powers or something, though; mou), but the woman wouldn’t listen, so eventually I just sat back down and kept eating and waiting for Jayne. Unfortunately, I woke up before he could come back and have some sense talked into him.