Well, to start off with, my mouth hurts. However! I am in a good mood already today because of Ladyames writing an item for me ^__^

I never got my room cleaned yesterday. After the lengthy distraction provided by… myself… I went to Safeway and got some pain killer (and some food) and when I came back, my brother was about, so we watched the rest of TNE. He had about the same opinion on the ending that I’ve always had, but we agreed that it’s a decent series nonetheless. Did not watch the movie yet. We’re figuring on Trigun next. Anyway, so after those several hours of anime watching, I got some MP3’s organized and then went to bed. Oh, and at some point in there I found and SK yaoi doujinshi anthology (270 pages) on ebay for $25ish, plus $9 shipping. Obviously had to buy that. Have not seen any SK dj’s yet, so this will hopefully be a good taste of what I can expect from them.

Today I must:

Clean fishwater

Think about lunches for the week O_o

Get my hairs cut

Although at the moment I really feel like rereading PotM. Like, so much that I think I must do it before anything else. I will turn on some musics whilst I do so ^__^ Oh, but first I have to record my dreams. Jayne’s humanitarian issues need to be documented.