I decided to try this Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke. It kinda seems like overkill to have so many flavors, but it doesn’t taste too bad.

I feel like life has started again as of today. The pain has decreased to the point where even when the medicines wear off, I’m not in danger of killing anyone; and I bought some mouthwash that helps wis the evil taste. I am about human again! Woo!

Today I am working on ASZz, though I fear what I’ve written so far will need serious tweaking. I still haven’t gotten around to typing up the SK stuff I wrote on Friday, and I’m almost afraid to look at that… but whatever.

I had a highly amusing dream that I must remember to record when I get home. I should probably do the awful one from the other night, too… it’s cheating just to record the nice ones!

OK, methinks I’m done with this entry now.