Wow, how the hell is it Friday? Not that I’m complaining, just… this week’s gone by so fast… Good jobon it ^__^

So yesterday the pain killer was less effective than usual, which phenomenon I largely ignored as who am I to question the doings of pain killers? It did keep me up a little late, but I survived… and then today at lunch time I realized what the problem was. I bought some Slim-Fast yesterday because I am still largely avoiding food… I drank two of them during the course of the day, and wondered only a little at the flavor, my reaction to which was more like So this is what diet people consider chocolate, huh? than Whoah, what the hell flavor did I buy? Then today at lunch I noticed what I hadn’t before: in fact they were not chocolate, but coffee. To which I am allergic. Smart, ne? Because I needed more pain in my mouth.