So my mom discovered that all the relatives in the world would soon be descending upon us at once. Well, six or seven of them, anyway. I’ve been in the guest room wis my own bed stacked upon one of the guest beds (e.g., essentially taking up three beds), and that of course posed a problem for the guestings. Therefore the logical thing was for me to move into the next room down, which is my mom’s recording studio. Didn’t bother me, but did make for a busy couple of days moving everything I owned. I’m actually kinda pleased wis myself that I was able to squeeze almost all my stuff in there… in other words, the equivalent of a one-bedroom apartment in one bedroom. My globe (which is freaking huge) and my treadmill item (which is, um, a treadmill item) and Enishi (my vacuum, who probably would have fit if I’d really tried) are all still in the rec. room downstairs, but the rest of my life is crammed into the leetle room. Honestly I don’t know why I didn’t think of moving in there before. I sleep in the day; a soundproof room is about the best thing ever. Because she was recording, probably. At this point she won’t be needing it for a couple of months, and hopefully I’ll have moved out by then; if not, I’ll just move back into the guest room.

Anyway, that’s my update for now; today I plan to take some peectures to make another update about the other recent events.