This is what’s been eating my life lately:

No, not the cat. As soon as I got the camera out, she perched there and didn’t move. I didn’t mind that, though; I take a million pictures of her every day anyway. (That’s the reason there are four shots; because she was Being Cute)

So, yeah, new computer. This is a special event in anyone‘s life, and very much in mine as my previous machine was getting ready to celebrate its tenth birthday. So I’ve migrated out of the stone age for a while. It would be superfluous to go on about features and capabilities that everyone else has been enjoying for quite some time while I was waiting to get around to it (and get my wisdom teeth out), but I do feel I should mention the price — for the monitor and tower it was $780. The speakers were another $60. The tablet I stole from my sister because I’ve used it more than she has and feel it would be better to buy her a new one (or, as she’s requested, to chip in if my parents buy her a notebook so they can get her a really, really good one) than buy myself a new one and let her keep the one I’ve used so very much.

Oh, and I have room for all my MP3’s on my hard drive for the first time ever. It is making me die sometimes. OK, most of the time.