I decided to do this meme again and not cheat this time… e.g., not skip any songs trying to avoid using the same artist over and over. We’ll see what my MP3 player decides on. And, yeah, only two people guessed at the lyrics last time, but that’s OK… it’s fun for me anyway because COMPUTER. No cut this time because I realized it’s not all that long.

1. La la la la la la la la la ooh-ooh
2. Tattoos like mile markers map the distance she has gone
3. I will travel round the world one night on the magic wings of astral flight
4. My rainy day girl is feeling down and she tells me that the world is spinning round
5. Gonna get a set of better clubs, gonna find the kind with tiny nubs One Week by Barenaked Ladies, guessed by
6. Mamoritai hito ga ireba chizu wa iranai Aoi Jiyuu, Shiroi Nozomi by Hayashi Nobutoshi/Seki Tomokazu, guessed by
7. Ich versteh nicht was du aus der Liebe machst, was machst du nur wenn du aus diesem Traum erwachst
8. And her face was white with fear in case her actions were observed
9. You’ve left me with nothing, but I’ve worked with less
10. Criminalize the symptoms while you spread the disease
11. You can go on dreaming every night, but I’m not letting you out of my sight
12. Wouldn’t change the course of fate if cuttin’ the grass just had to wait
13. Ai shisugita anata ga kabegiwa no mukou de sotto waratteru
14. He was the nazz with god-given ass Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie, guessed by
15. Dakara sou anata wa shinanai eien ni; watashi no naka de ikitsuzukete yuku
16. Strung out, burnt out, yeah, you’re down on your luck and you don´t give a huh
17. Ahanohnay keh a’kohz me nu nah zah ih kroi beh dih hun dih na fehn
18. Hanabi ga hoshi ni natte mo, koi ga yami e kiete mo, onegai yo kisu wo yamenai de
19. There’s a big, old world waiting just outside as she’s thumbing through the classifieds
20. Dareka no koto wo omou toki fushigi na chikara yobiyoseru no