Today I am wearing my Virgin Mobile At Your Service pants, a rather geeksome item I have acquired from work. They are red plaid and say, appropriately enough, “Virgin Mobile At Your Service” across the waistband. They are very comfy, and my ass looks quite cute in them. I am also wearing one of my favorite tank tops. This makes me happy.

Yesterday I played Silent Hill and it creeped me out, but Fiddychan is right about Pyramid Head being the coolest. And fortunately I did not have any dreams about it. Then I stayed up obscenely late going to my mom’s cantata, and slept in until lunchtime (e.g. about half an hour ago) today. Now being up, must determine what is to be done this day. List:

o Laundry (Three loads? Four loads? We’ll see)
o Finish GEF page 41
o Type up work writings that haven’t been typed yet
o Pet my cat
o Switch musics for like I keep forgetting to do
o Shower
o Strenuously avoid the temptation to eat out

That’s all I can think of, and we’ll see how much I actually get done. And I specifically put “shower” on the list because I sometimes forget to budget my time right and end up staying up late just to shower; that’s annoying. OK, doing stuff now.

I use my default icon so freaking much since I changed it to those kissyboiz