She stepped out of the shower and continued to dry herself off under the roar of the fan. Presently she flipped her hair over and began wringing it vigorously and rubbing her scalp with the towel. As she emerged from underneath it and reached for a brush, she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror, and was riveted.

I really am adorable sometimes, she mused as she smoothed the washing-and-drying-induced tangles from her hair. She smiled a little wryly. It was her belief that when you had something wonderful, you should share it… what a shame she had nobody to share herself with.

Back upstairs in her bedroom, she began to get dressed, languidly as this was a weekend and she didn’t have anywhere to go. And then the cat, who’d been sitting placidly on the windowsill up until now, gave a sudden yelp and tore thence to the door, scratching at it frantically to be let out. With a puzzled frown, Jen went to oblige her, and followed her into the hall. Tokio raced across the tiled entryway into the computer room, jumping up onto the windowsill under the curtains and putting her paws against the glass with an air of desperation.

Peering out into the darkness, Jen saw a large brown tomcat crossing the driveway away from the house; he must have been on the porch just moments ago, right in front of the windows. She withdrew, shaking her head, and bent to pet the forlorn Tokio. “Sorry, baby,” she said with a sighing smile. “I know how you feel.”