Now I am drawing GEF. Sometimes I have to stop and work on this lj entry because though I thought about it for hours and hours, coming up with what I was going to draw for these panels was like pulling teeth; so this lj entry is a break. That is why it is likely to be stupid.

Yesterday M did not win an art show. That was silly. But we went to Chuck E. Cheese and beed real-life hero firefighters, and that was less silly. When L and I were playing skeeeeball, this little kid came running up and grabbed two of the balls I was skeeeeeeeing with, said, “Can I borrow a ball?” and ran off to another lane, which was not on, where he bowled them. Then I was short two balls (it’s hard not to make any untoward comments here) and could not finish my game. A moment later the same kid saw the tickets L had won and said, “Ooh, tickets!” grabbed them all, and ran off. L and I were laughing so hard; that kid’s going to be a fun handful as a teenager. Basic social skills, people: teach them.

I have so many things to get done today, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not going to end up doing any of them. Except GEF. Definitely will get this GEF page done. If I can remember what I had planned for this freaking triangle when I set up the panels…

Damn stupid triangle.

I can’t sleep without those stupid sleep-aid pills. It sucks. On weekends I like to do without them so I feel less like a drug addict, but that means I have really lame sleep and I’m tired. The greater part of the lame sleep is the noisy family and the lights turning off and on all the time, so I anticipate the problem being largely solved once I move out. Still, weekend sleep sucks!!!

So after I was so amazed and pleased wis the price and speed of that person I order that SK dj from, I trolled through everything else s/he had up for sale and ordered everything I wanted. Which was three RK books and a BSSM doujinshi. The latter because it had Haruka nudity, which is something I can’t resist, although that story turned out to be steeped in the same restraint that governs their entire on-screen/page relationship. So frustrating!! They are the most USTense couple I’ve ever seen. And I love them.

Anyway, I finally got my hands on the manga Kaden, and it is lovely. Also another book is a sort of manga-history guide wis all these crappy photos from the Meiji and historic notes on manga events and characters. Of course it’s all in Japanese with not enough furigana for me to puzzle through it, but it’s all about the collection, you know? Then the last book is an anime artbook sort of thing wis a lot of… anime art. Thankfully non-third-season-inclusive, but does have a section on Tomoe and Battousai from Tsuioku Hen, so it’s just about perfect. Why is Saitou hot.

Triangle still sits empty.

OK, I just made up something stupid and went with it.

Panel 1 done.

Panel 2 done.

Panel 3 done (and fairly creepsome).

OK, done wis that page. Now time to post it and everything, then think about what else I need to get done today.