I’ve finished rereading ASZz and have a fairly decent idea of what needs to be done with it, as well as upcoming stuff. I don’t think I’ll get anything done on that at work, though. We’ve been unusually busy today; we had Advent Children playing earlier, but I was unable to pay much attention. Don’t ask me for my assessment based on what I did see…

I’m starving. I don’t go on lunch for 40 more minutes. Mou. I think we’re watching Aeon Flux now, but… oh, no, they’ve turned it off… that usually means the owner of the DVD is off and going home. Now someone’s turned on a Star Wars movie. Ah, there is nothing to distract me from my hunger…!

Once I dreamed I was an evil minion of the secret evil lord of Disneyland, and part of my evil outfit was my awesome platform boots.

I am so hungry.

No mas entry. Hungry.