I am so freaking tired today. I barely slept yesterday!!! I had to drinkem the caffienes to get through worky. And though I pondered it deeply, I did not work on ASZz at all… the reason for this is that whilst at Wal-Mart yesterday, I saw letter beads and thought, ZOMG I could totally make little geeksome gay bracelets!!!!. So I did:

~~+bow before teh cute+~~

So that was what I spent my whole shift on, between calls, except for when I was making that transfiguration entry earlier.

But now it is WEEKEND. Not only that, but I’m back to working at 2 rather than silly midnight next week, so although I am tired, I can stay up as late as I want, da ha ha ha!! Therefore it is time for me to do some coloration on a peecture, and then finish that damn ASZz chapter that I keep saying I’m going to finish and then never do!!! And work on some other stuff that is not drawing, because though I love drawing, I only love it when it’s not causing me to neglect my writing!!!!!!!

Yeah. Done now.