Well, I didn’t stare at the picture all day yesterday… I got a page or so written on ASZz, about the same on CC, and also went out wis Fiddychan, which is a good thing. They finally had my Saiyuki scroll in (holyshitGojyoislickinghisgun), and I found a Bebop CD I didn’t have before that’s got the most amazingly awesome track on it. I should know better than to go to the mall when I’m trying to save money, as I’m perfectly well aware that I have no self-restraint, but I did it anyway. Oh, well.

Note from Tokio: m,kghhhh

OK, to do today:

o Laundries
o GEF (drawingOMG)
o Lunch shopping/preparation (ah, more spending)
o Haircut (for real this time)

And it’s getting late; I’d better get cracking. Crack crack crack. I’d also like to finish a couple of writing things, and read a few chapters of somebody’s story, but that’s if I have time.