What is this, freaking crappy sleep week? Well, whatever. It’s almost over. But today I’m taking two sleeping pills.

Two of my coworkers, who are married to each other and usually sit across the call center from me, today are sitting nearby and are squabbling. The girl just started crying, and just then she got a call. I can’t tell what they’re arguing about, but I hope they work it out… I like them both.

Today I foresee continuing work on original fics rather than ASZz again, but that’s OK. Mayhap I shall finish that ASZz chapter this weekend. Then I can see about Angles and attempt another backwards update.

Ah, her call is over and they’re at it again. I keep hearing what sounds like the guy starting to get up angrily to leave. Oh, she’s got another call now and she keeps putting herself on mute to continue the argument. I wonder what will come of this…