This time I really must refrain from drawing for a while. My right hand hurts so very much. I’ll never be able to use my Futae no… uh, never mind. Anyway, I still have to draw a GEF page for Sunday, obviously, and an AAX item, but otherwise I must keep from drawing. And in the future I must find some reasonable limit… my poor wrist feels like it’s going to snap. A certain number of hours per week, perhaps… I would say a certain amount of time per day, but if I’m not able to finish what I’m working on I tend to go a little distracted. So we’ll see.

I’m going to a club tonight at the behest of a coworker. Hopefully that will be fun. I have not been to any club since Hide’n’Seek closed, because although I greatly enjoy watching peoples and am fond of dancing, I rarely like being hit on by drunk guys. But it will probably be fun, especially if Fiddychan comes wis me.