I actually got a decent rest yesterday. This makes me terribly happy. Now I am at work and I am kinda not-tired. That is cool.

Before I went to bed, I was up late doing stuff. It was one of those times where I’m doing several things at once and anticipating that they’ll all end at the same time, but then they don’t even come close. I was having nice RP moments, which actually was finished right at bedtime; reading a long chapter of a hilariously funny fic, which finished about an hour after that; and randomly chain-storying wis , which still isn’t finished. So good jobon that one.

Also yesterday I worked on Faery Hunter, Faery Slave; I’ve finally figured out exactly what’s going to happen in this next chapter, which is now at four pages. This makes me happy too. I didn’t bother even trying to work on ASZz. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that chapter done this week end.