To avoid confusion, let me first state that the coworker who wanted me to go to the club with her is named Rachel. So I got all niced up and went to meet her at the club. We’d chosen a different, closer club than we’d originally planned on, for the sake of my car as it had a hard time even getting that far and might have fallen apart if we’d stuck to our original idea. Anyway, we get inside and there are two other people there. Yeah, the staff outnumbered the customers. We both kinda went O_o and wandered around for a bit and eventually left. As we were discussing where to go next, we realized there was a Denny’s not far away and decided to go get something to eat. So we picked up this guy that Rachel likes to have around because he’s got a crush on her (or did at one point), and went to Denny’s. There, this completely random stranger came and sat down with us. He seemed a little stoned, and he was rather annoying. He requested that Rachel kiss him, and she did, twice. I took pictures. Then he randomly decided to come with us. She dropped off crush guy, who was very tired, and me back at my car at the club, and then went to hang out with this guy. I got text messages from her later saying that they’d watched TV and talked about this and that and now were going to play tennis. It didn’t entirely surprise me, as Rachel herself is somewhat annoying. Anyway, so I got dressed up and actually put on makeup and jewelry to go to Denny’s and be annoyed. At least I got to eat a bacon cheeseburger. Oh, and no drunk guys hitting on me… just a stoned guy hitting on Rachel.

Then I decided my arms and specifically my right hand could use some extended rest. So I spent the day wearing my braces watching GetBackers. Almost all of it. I had watched several episodes on Friday, and I still have a few left before the end, but I literally spent the entire day yesterday watching the bulk of it. Ah, Akabane… *__* I have to say, I’m very disappointed in this bootleg boxed set, though… the content is entirely lifted off the ADV western release. So it’s got the dub track on there and the crappy dumbed-down subtitles and everything. Half the freaking reason I buy bootleg boxed sets at all is that they don’t have the dub tracks on them, and even when the subtitlers don’t have Japanese or English as their first language, at least they try. Of course the other, larger half of the reason (which may not make as much sense in your mind as it does in mine) is that they cost about five times less than buying the western release, and are quite a lot quicker and more convenient than downloading eps one at a time. Take GetBackers, for instance… ten volumes to the western release, priced on Amazon at $26.99 each. The boxed set, containing the same series on five disks, was $40 on ebay. Definitely the best way to buy anime. Still, if they’re all going to start including the freaking dub tracks, I’m going to cry.

Now that I’m finished advertising, on to more life-related talk. There will probably be no GEF this week, as I am about to leave for work. YEAH. Work. In the middle of my weekend. Apparently one of our other call centers is closed for a huge maintenance window, so we all get to work today. I am so grouchy because of this. I was going to try to get up at my usual time and draw the GEF page or at least start it, but every time my alarm went off it made me more grouchy because I usually don’t set an alarm on weekends. And I bet it’ll be freaking back-to-back calls, too. So we’ll see. Well, I’ma be late if I don’t wrap this up, so bye.