Still kinda grouchy today. We’ll see how much I can get done at work. It was back-to-back calls yesterday, as I predicted, but I bet today will be totally slow, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some stuff done. It helps (though I question the phrase) that, as I just wrote my parents a $1,000 check, I can’t afford to eat, and therefore will definitely spend all my breaks working on whatever I end up working on. If I had a scanner, BTW, I’d have drawn the outline for the GEF page yesterday… but I haven’t gotten around to finding one yet. The one I wanted nobody ever had in stock, and I’ve been too lazy to look for one online. How silly is that…

Items remaining before I can move out again:

o Get Tokio spayed
o New glasses
o Bookshelf?
o Scanner/printer?

Ooh, can you taste it? The taste of this faery moving out? The taste of FREEDOM? No, you probably can’t. Flavors like that don’t communicate well over the internet. Ah, well.

Oh, I should mention that yesterday (AT FUCKING WORK, which I may have mentioned I had to go to yesterday), Rachel kept grabbing my cell phone to show to everyone the picture of her kissing that guy. This did not allow me to weasel any free food out of her as I had hoped. But I didn’t try very hard because I was grouchy.

I’m going to degenerate into (more stupid) stupidity here, so I’d better end this.