I am back from work now, and considerably less grouchy. I have tomorrow off to make up for working Sunday. This does not make up for splitting my weekend, but it does improve my mood. I am terribly distracted, though, as I’m back on the I-forgot-to-budget-for-food diet for a couple of weeks. I’ve got a bunch of sodas, though, ’cause the last time I went food shopping they were on a good sale so I bought a million. That will sustain me. Yeth. And Akabane is worth it anyway.

Today for some reason I got up earlier than usual, and that was after going to bed later than usual yesterday. Did I mention this in my last entry? Anyway, I’m kinda tired because of this.

My cat is a TV-watching jellybean.

At work we finally found out what teams we’re on since our old supervisor got fired. Most of the team got assigned to Maria, but I am on Ann’s team!!!!! Which means I will not be sitting near Rachel any more. Oh, well. The most annoying thing about it is that I do have to move, so I’ma have to spend weeks tweaking the settings on a new computer. Mou. Plus they say Ann’s a hard supervisor. Mou.

I’m hungry.