I think I will start out by playing the One-Line game and see if anything grabs me.

This is quickly turning into the rereading-and-editing game. First we have a story about the brother of Tixi from The Harpist and Her Dragon. It’s fun, but I doubt I will ever finish it. Oh, and now I’m rereading the first story. This is a finished story; I shouldn’t even be wasting my time on it. Oh, well. Ah, this is a cute story. OK, enough of that one.

Next is CC. And I found some leftovers to eat. No leftovers are safe from me!!!! Bow before me and my freeloading power!!!! Now let’s see what I can do wis Ghenidr’s flashback. Mmm, water tastes so good after one has eaten some delicious foods ^__^ Woo! Ghenidr’s flashback finally complete. Good jobon me. Now mayhap I can get some done on chapter 5! Hmm, no. On to other stuff.

I have too many random ideas (that will probably never get written) floating around in their own documents. I shall consolidate them. Oh, this is a nice gay story. I should really work on this one. OK, I worked on that one a pretty decent amount. Now a different one. This one is actually not gay at all; it may be the only one I have that isn’t. I am trying to get the rest of my LotR CD’s ripped, so I am not listening to music. Because of this, the second GetBackers theme has been stuck in my head all day. Now I have chosen titles for all the chapters in this story that I hadn’t chosen titles for yet. Except the latest chapter, which is not finished. I shall work on it now.

OK, no mas on that one. I’m almost through this folder of stuff now. Oh, here is another nice gay story! *dances*

Funny… I was just reflecting that it had been a while since Word froze up or my computer crashed. Immediately Word froze up. I expect the computer to crash any time now. Much love to lj for the saving of drafts. Still, methinks I’ll restart the computer just in case.

Now back to the ‘nother nice gay story. I have now determined there will be seven chapters in this story. Good jobon me. Oops, there goes Word freezing up again. Better reset once more.

On to chibi-Yae. I have the cutest fish. Chibi-Yae is also the cutest, though he is not a fish. This story is teh sadness. Aw, crap, I’m hungry again. Mou. Well, I rotated my laundry. I suppose now that it’s a little later I should do my vacuuming and what straightening-up I can to my room. OK, got that done. Tokio sure hates the vacuum. And I will drink some soda in lieu of foods. And Word freezes again. I got some pumpkin pudding whilst it was resetting, and it is nummy. Back to chibi-Yae. And get more pumpkin pudding. My cat is a jelly bean looking out the window. Now she is a jelly bean sitting on the file cabinet. Woo, now that story is done! How exciting!

OK, it makes me terribly happy to have finished that. Now I have just over an hour left before I have to go to bed, and I kinda feel like I’m not going to get any more writing done. I’ll try, but I have a hunch it’s not going to happen. Therefore I will post this pointless entry.