OK, day off. I am not grouchy at all today, though I still would have preferred a regular weekend. Anyway, to get stuff done. Have already changed Hi-chan’s water and started a load of laundry. I need to vacuum, but methinks that can wait until a little later in the non-nocturnal people’s day. Still debating whether I want to draw or if I should wait until Sunday for the sake of my hand. If I do draw, it really ought to be my AAX peecture, too, about which I am unenthusiastic this round. I need to write something, too. Anything. Seriously.

There, I put my GetBackers DVD’s nicely into my DVD case between Disney’s Gargoyles and Gravitation. Mayhap I should not have put them there just yet, as I’m hoping to get at least one of the discs replaced by the person I bought them from (I was so looking forward to those episodes T__T), but I was eager to see where they’d fit. BTW, Pierrling, if you’re not going to finish watching Fruits Basket, can I have it back? Not that I think you’ll actually see this.

OK, I’ma open some stories and see what kind of work I can get done. I’ll start a new lj entry to do the typical running log of inanity as I do so.