Friday my car died the death of excessive… death… so I got it towed, and it is now sitting forlornly out front. It hasn’t come back to life yet, and we fear it never will. Oddly enough, I’d done all my necessary weekend shopping right after work on Friday morning (fate?) and thus had no need to drive anywhere this weekend (except the place I was trying to get to when it died, which was Chuck E. Cheese’s and I am vera sad that I didn’t get to go there). Then I decided to spend the entirety of yesterday (after sleeping in absurdly late) playing Majora’s Mask. Today… you know the drill…

o upload next set of musics for Lady Ames and that other person
o change litter box
o make lunches for the week (woo, I’m eating this week!)
o figure out how the hell I’m getting to work from now on
o more Majora’s Mask?
o avoid ebay

Holy shiiiit, there’s this, like, two-foot package of bacon in the fridge. I don’t know what it’s there for, but it’s right on top of everything and you see it so much when you open the fridge O__O