I made better time today by about seven minutes. I think it’s because I got off earlier so it was still cooler. Funny thing, though. I loaded up my MP3 player wis a couple of LotR chapters to listen to whilst I walked… totally forgetting that my MP3 player is bizarre and refuses to play tracks in order. So I got chapter 4 (book 3, in case you’re curious) in a blender. It made me giggle every time it switched to a new track and a totally different point in the chapter. Methinks I will stick wis musics from now on. Sad, but I can’t figure out what’s going on in my MP3 player’s little head.

I saw two baby bunnies and three little butterflies. I forgot to mention that yesterday I saw a lizard. Good jobon me.

Today I am writing another vignette. Also I worked on I Dream I Know Not How a little at work. Now I am ripping mas CD’s and thinking about being productive.