“Video Games”

Sano paused his game and pulled the buzzing cell phone from his pocket.

“Oh, good, I hoped you’d still be up,” was Kaoru’s greeting.

“Yep, just playing video games,” Sano confirmed, wedging the phone between ear and shoulder and resuming the aforementioned. “What’s up?”

“I just needed somebody to talk to. You don’t mind, do you?”

“‘Course not. Why would I?”

“Oh, I was just worried you might not be too excited just to chat with me when I kinda stole your best friend…”

“Aw, don’t worry about that… it’s pretty normal for a guy not to hang out with his friends so much after he gets married.” Well, Sano had been a little annoyed at first, but had eventually found other sources of entertainment. “So is everything OK?”

“Yeah…” She sounded hesitant, and Sano restrained his urge to chuckle as he speculated she had some kind of girly problem she wanted to discuss but he was her only acquaintance likely to be awake at one in the morning.

“Everything OK with Kenshin?” he prodded.


“C’mon, you called me,” he laughed; “don’t make me guess what you wanna say!”

She laughed a little too. “It’s silly, though.”

“Then I’ll definitely never guess it. C’mon, spit it out!”

“Well, I’m waiting for Kenshin to get back from his business trip. He had a late flight and then that long drive from the airport, so it’ll still be a while before he gets home.”


She sighed. “He told me not to worry about waiting up for him because he’d be so late, but I’m doing it anyway.”

“The old anxious wife routine, huh?”

“Yeah, I thought people only did that in romance novels and country songs.”

Sano laughed again. “Nah, I figure that’s probably pretty normal too for someone who’s only been married a few months. It is cheesy, though.”

“I know… it’s not like I’m really afraid something’s going to happen to him… like his plane crashing or him getting robbed at gunpoint or something…”

“But you still mention ’em,” Sano chuckled; “way to be paranoid.”

“I know, I know,” she answered somewhat irritably.

“You should be worried about what happens if he accidentally drives through a time/space portal and ends up in, like, ancient Japan or something! Or what if aliens landed and he got tangled up in this big government conspiracy and had to disappear and change his name and shit?”

“Oh, great, thanks, now I’ve got more things to think about! But, seriously… when I’m worried not about anything real, just… worried… I come up with real things like car wrecks and robberies, kindof as an excuse for how I feel, even if I know they’re not really likely to happen.”

“Shit, girly, you got it bad! Good thing Kenshin’s job ain’t dangerous, or you’d have problems even when he just worked late! Maybe you should be reading romance novels instead of calling me.”

“Now, just a minute ago you said it’s normal!”

“I’m just giving you hell. You’re a perfect match for Kenshin, you know that?”

“I’m not sure how you figured that out just from this,” Kaoru replied, smile evident in her tone, “but thanks anyway. And thanks for listening to me.”

“No problem.”

“I should let you get back to your game.”

“I been playing this whole time! I’m skilled like that.” Actually he’d died twice. “But if you wanna go listen to some country music until Kenshin gets home…”

Kaoru laughed. “Now you’re never going to let me forget this, are you?”

“Probably not,” confirmed Sano.

“Well, I’ll talk to you later.”

“See ya.” Sano yawned and stretched, and, after glancing at the time, shoved his phone back into his pocket and returned the greater part of his attention to the TV screen.

After another half hour or so, there came the sound of a key turning in the door. Sano glanced up from his fictive destructive efforts with a smile, then went intently back to them. The door opened and in came Saitou. He locked up behind him, then stepped over to Sano and looked down. Glancing at his watch and back at the young man, he smirked, “You’re going to be even more useless than usual at work in the morning.”

“Oh, shit, I didn’t know it was that late!” Sano set his controller aside and crawled over to turn off the TV.

“And didn’t you already clear that level?” Saitou began to remove and put away his gear.

“Huh? Oh… I wanted to find a secret area I missed.”

Saitou rolled his eyes.

“So, how many shootouts did you get into today?”

“As many as usual.”

“Knife fights? Djyou get to break up any of those?”

“I barely made a single arrest, actually.”

“What kept you so late, then?” wondered Sano in surprise that hid his relief rather efficiently.


“Oh, your favorite thing!” Sano beamed.

Saitou, closing the closet door on his bullet-proof jacket and other accouterments, moved to seize the young man and kiss him. “Bedtime for little boys,” he said when that was finished.

“Yeah,” said Sano, sounding neither regretful nor penitent as he accompanied his lover into the next room; “I can’t believe I lost track of time like that…”

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I’ve rated this story . I’ve found that people with less paranoid imaginations don’t really get it.

This story is included in the Saitou & Sano Collection ebook (.zip file contains .pdf, .mobi, and .epub formats).


  1. ladyames

    cutecutecutecutecute… :D

    it is amazing the amount of time video games can suck up, isn’t it?

    • ladyames

      nope, what’s really amazing is that i didn’t get it until the second read through…

      • momentsdrift

        That was kinda why I didn’t respond to you; I was like… she didn’t get it…. ;)

        • ladyames

          i shall attempt to blame this on my mother, since i was listening to her talk on the phone whilst reading it the first time… apparently i cannot multitask well.

          • momentsdrift

            Heh heh… blaming things on one’s mother is a tried and true method; good choice.

            • ladyames

              it truly is. and in this case, as with any other time i attempt to speak with her on the phone, she ends up gabbing away while i barely listen and try to do other things. not that that is really relevant to anything but i just thought i’d let you know. >_< or i'm just making up an excuse for rambling… stopping. now… :P

  2. meraehl

    Heheheh. Great ficlet. ^^ And you managed to make the ending NOT obvious until, well, the end. Cute, amusing and all that good stuff.

    • momentsdrift

      Sankyuu! I was afraid the ending would be too obvious from early on, but I tried really hard to be subtle :D

  3. solitudecoven

    This fic made me went Awww! Damn, all your little ficlets tempts me to open a whole new universe and create a story based on them.

    • momentsdrift

      ^__^ Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! AUniverses are often so interesting, aren’t they? I love Saitou as a modern-day cop. Well, honestly, I should just stop at “I love Saitou.” But still… XD

  4. plaidshirtjimkirk

    Awww omfg I love your modern day AUs! Bit of a parallel going on there between Kaoru and Sano, yeah? ;D Thanks!!

    • kuroiyousei

      A bit, yeah! ;D And I’m glad you like the modern AU’s, because I happen to really love them XD Thanks very much!

  5. Arcane Olga

    Hah, looking back I cringe at how terrible the art is – obviously I had (& still have) no clue how to draw proper perspective. But it’s so sweet to read this fic again. I have been happily re-reading all your SaiSa stuff, and I still enjoy it very much 10+ years later. (I still love SaiSa just as much as I did so long ago – a love that never dies ;-P). I was astonished but happy to see them still online. Thank you for keeping them up!

    • kuroiyousei

      That feeling of cringing at old pictures? I know it so well. If it’s any consolation, I’m still very fond of this one… their facial expressions in particular. However, if you would prefer I take it down, I will do so. (And if you want me to update the name you’re credited by, let me know.)

      Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed the story all over again! Thanks for rereading, and for your comments!

      • Arcane Olga

        Oh no, I don’t want it taken down or anything. :). I did the best I could do with what I had at the time, so I’m not ashamed of it, even though I don’t think it’s actually good. :D

        On another topic, do you think you’ll ever write SaiSa in the “Seeing Red” universe again? I liked that universe, I liked that story. A lot. And I kinda feel like we never really found out about the extent of Sano’s abilities.

        • kuroiyousei

          Thanks for your interest in HoH! I’m really fond of Seeing Red too, and not a lot of people have been interested in it, so I’m glad you like it! Right now I’m working on five stories on the RK end of the series: a collection of mostly dialogue pieces called Sano and Kaoru’s Phone Log, which is just what it sounds like; a fic with only a working title so far about Aoshi and Soujirou; a one-shot where not-together-yet Hajime and Sano have dinner with Chou; another one-shot called Cockatiel and Armadillo where Kamatari is introduced and meets Wufei from GW; and Communication Skill, a long one about Hajime and Sano starting to deal with the Big Issue that became evident during Guest Room Soap Opera (since I left them in such a bad place in that story XD).

          None of these fics really deal with Sano’s abilities in-depth. Sano is a natural, meaning he can access all four branches of magic, often subconsciously and often very prodigiously, so that makes him unusual in the magical world — but the things he can do aren’t necessarily any different from what other magicians can do; he just does them very, well, naturally.

          Sundays have become my fanfiction day, and I have a rotating schedule of which story gets worked on then. So each of these in-progress fics has a place in that rotating schedule, but I can’t even begin to tell you when any of them will appear. Cockatiel and Armadillo is the closest to finished, though that one doesn’t feature Hajime and Sano.

          So that’s the HoH state of things right now (at least on the RK side). Thanks again for your interest ^__^


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