OK, this is my fourth attempt at writing this lj entry. Which is not to say that I would rather not get messages… I just wish my phone were remotely intelligent about recieving them during other stuff. And it’s funny that I can bitch about my message getting interrupted without getting interrupted, but when I go to type the actual message, BOOM. (That’s actually why I opted to start this post this way this time; I’m being sneaky)

Excessive walkings have made me more and more tired every day this week, and today I have not had much energy for writing. So I drawed a little guy dancing and one shell.

We watched Endless Waltz earlier, and fortunately I was far enough from the TV not to hear anything and thus enjoyed it. Now I feel like watching the series again. Then we watched AVP again, and I noted again that the Predator guy is pretty hot before he takes off his helmet.