Audiovox software sucks for text messaging. When I’m writing out a long message like this and I get an incoming text or something, it doesn’t give me the option not to look at the new one, just takes me straight to it. And what does it do with the message I’m working on? Does it put it neatly into a Saved Messages folder or Outbox to be resumed at my convenience? No, no. It just forgets I was ever working on anything and goes along its merry way. There is one circumstance in which it will save what I’ve written so far to my outbox, but then I can’t edit the message. Why the hell would you save the message at all if I can’t get into it to finish it up? That’s actually worse than useless, because then besides rewriting my entire message, I have to go in and delete the pointless old one. Gah, stupid. I will get a mas delightful phone soon.

And now I will rewrite my real post.