Once upon a time yesterday at about one in the afternoon I went wis Fiddychan to a restaurant because of her gradiation. There was also a Pierrling. We ate some highly delicious foods and then the Pierrling went away and I went to Fiddychan’s home and we rented movies. We watched The Skeleton Key, which I’d been so curious about, and it was soOoOoOoOo good; and Dark Water, which I’d also been curious about, and it was OK. There were brief intermittent moments of Silent Hill 2. I was up until, like, 2130.

And then, mystically, I had the worst sleep ever like O___o I had this freaking endless string of dreams in which I was the skeleton key girl, and kept waking myself up. This went on for hours and hours until suddenly the dreams degenerated into a more Silent-Hill-like setting: I was a monster and desperately eager to prove myself to Pyramid Head (and not be killed by him). Yeah. And all this time, my cat, who is in heat again, was warbling out the window next to my head. Also it was hot. So! Worst Sleep Ever. It was remarkable.

Now I am ripping CD’s contemplating going dow WHERE IS MY DREAM OF THE BLUE TURTLES CD?!?!?!? AAAARRGGH!!!! I hate it so much when my CD’s are randomly gone. ARGH. Anyway, what I was contemplating was going downstairs to start my laundry, and what else I need to get done this weekend. I’d kinda like to find my way to Wal-Mart at some point, but that’s up to the whims of fate when I have no car. If I don’t, I will just walk to Safeway sometime and get what I can there.

(icon pertains to missing CD’s [it is not directed at the CD’s, just expresses my feelings about them being missing])