Well, now it is break time on me. Today I have some crampies and I do not like them.

Oh, Fiddychan, that song just started playing on MTV and he still needs better hairs and not the makeup.

Anyway, the crampies are going to eat me alive on the way home today, but hopefully I will get the rest of my peectures taken and that will be a good jobon me.

Did I already mention Natalie? Recently there was a contest to see who could do the best activation call, and a person named Natalie won. So there’s this big big big picture of her on the wall… but, not knowing her, aesthetically speaking, sore wa chotto… Anyway, people keep taping things up over her face. It always gets taken down, but the next day when I come in, sure enough, someone has covered up poor Natalie again.

Now I suppose I shall go back to my diluted productivity.