I have let several dreams go undocumented lately, so I’ma haste and write these two down before I forget them like the rest. There was one about me taking a bath at my grandma’s house and watching Star Wars, but that’s all I can remember of that one.

Fiddychan, Pierrling, and I lived together in a house and we were assassins. And we might have been florists. But there was somebody planning something against us (I am so specific), and I was going to figure out who it was and what they were doing. To do this I thought that, since it was Halloween, the best cover for my investigation would be to go out and mingle wis trick-or-treaters in my awesome assassin gear. My sister, who was P only much more innocent and I think a little younger, was surprised at this as she thought I was too old. No shit. Then a telepathic voice (me’s seeing a trend here) started messing wis me and talking about setting up evil psychologically scary Halloween scenarios for us or something… and I got all badass and started threatening whoever this mysterious and potentially gorgeous telepathic person was wis death. That person didn’t seem much scared of me and my badassedness.

In the other dream I went to work and sat down and took a call that turned into a sup.call; instead of just raising my hand, I went wandering off to find a supervisor. For some reason my grandma was there. I wandered into this room that had walls of blankets like my bedroom, and there was this little girl in there along wis this king cobra. I was trying to keep the little girl away from the snake, but it was jumping and jumping and I was sure it was going to get us. So I grabbed its tail and started swinging it around wis the thought that that way it couldn’t hurt us, and in the meantime calling for help and after a moment more specifically for my grandma. Then the snake twisted around and bit me just as she came running in. At that point I woke up.