Being good today and writing these down right away. After that methinks I shall do some lj-organization.

In the first dream, I was trying to rework some of my lj pages in CSS (and it’s really amusing when I write out actual code in my dreams) when somehow M kicked me off my own computer and started playing GameCube on it. I was unhappy, but then she revealed that she had only done so to test the new GameCube she had bought me. It was the middle of the night and there were some people over.

Then in the next dream, I was at some church and there was an activity going on wis food in the gym. I could fly, and I had a magic handkerchief that let me teleport to different places. The activity was ending and the peoples starting to disperse when an evil group came in wis evil intentions. I was trying to find where I’d dropped my handkerchief, and just as I found it the leader of this group (who resembled the character I drawed the other day) approached me and had some of her doods restrain me. She then said that I had been chosen to enter their group, and to do so I was going to marry this one member who was a bear sometimes. He was very childish, and when he was a bear he was constantly raging. I did not have much taste for this, so I used my handkerchief to try to teleport away. It didn’t work very well, but it did get me out of the doods’ grip, and I was able to fly away. I flew into the gym, but the chick chased me, and she was awesome… she fired this spiky ball wis a metal loop on the bottom at the ceiling, so it stuck to the ceiling wis the spikes and then the loop hung down so she could throw a rope up to it and catch it and climb up at me. For some reason it didn’t occur to me to fly away whilst she was doing this, possibly because I was so fascinated by the spiky ball.

Anyway, she got up there and started reasoning wis me, saying that I shouldn’t turn down something that so many girls would want. (There was a strong sense of Austen-era fortune hunter in this, as I’m rereading all the novels in a row right now, but somehow the fact that he was sometimes a bear was the selling point) Instead of contesting the logic of implying that any girl would want to marry the immature bear-guy to be initiated into an evil group they hadn’t necessarily wanted to join in the first place, I simply replied that, as a lesbian, I really didn’t care for the proposal at all and didn’t care what many girls might be jealous of if I had. She actually seemed pleased by this and said that that was fine because the alternative was to marry her. So then we started making out. Then I woke up.