OK, I’m annoyed.

So this coming week (starting Monday) was supposed to be the week I had new schedule — 500 to 1300. I wasn’t thrilled to lose my graveyard shift, but at least I knew it was coming. This weekend I’ve been staying up late to adjust my sleep schedule. Well, I went in just now to check for certain, be assured I don’t work tomorrow by any freak chance, etc., and what time do I actually work all week? 0030. Yeah. Freaking midnight. Sure, it’s a shift I prefer, but now I’ve been up obscenely late two days in a row. Fucking hell.

Second… so my mom told us, like, a month ago that she wanted her recording studio back, so I needed to move back into the guest room. The room in which sister P has been sleeping. So P needed to move her two or three items out of that room and take one of the beds downstairs (to the other room she’s been inhabiting where the rest of her stuff is) so I could move in there. And what does she do? She waits three weeks to do this so that I ONLY HAVE ONE SINGLE DAY TO MOVE EVERY FUCKING THING I OWN. BITCH. I am so annoyed about this I can’t express it.

So that’s what I get to spend tomorrow doing. I don’t know about GEF and hair cut and whatnot. We’ll see. I’m pissed.