Lately I’ve been walking home from work, and I decided to take lots of peectures and put them in my lj. This is work. For some reason I think the colors on the walls look really pretty in this light. When I had handicapped plates on my van, I used to park right by the door. (Oh, and I figure I’ll make my actual update for today in this same post to save space.)

Here is the street that work is on. It has a lot of turns, as you will see. I listen to musics as I walk! I haven’t changed the playlist yet because I haven’t gotten through it; at the moment it has Toby Keith Blue Moon, Shakira Fijacion Oral, Melissa Etheridge The Road Less Traveled, L’arc~en~Ciel SMILE, Journey’s Greatest Hits, Destiny’s Child Destiny Fulfilled, and Aerosmith Nine Lives on it.

The first day I was taking these peectures I saw about a million FedEx trucks. A MILLION. This street is full of businesses that get a lot of deliveries, so FedEx and UPS are common, but that day they congregated. (So I was super-grouchy yesterday thanks to moving and shit.)

I got a better shot of the ridge to the left. People live up there. I like looking at it, but I don’t know that I would feel safe having a house up there… erosion and whatnot… it just wouldn’t seem stable. (I was also grouchy today at work. Somebody actually asked me if I was OK, but that was just because I looked tired.)

The weather’s been really nice lately. Well, it is June or something… but it hasn’t snowed at random for a while even. (I looked tired because I was tired. This was because I got crappy sleep yesterday.)

I like the use of river rock in landscaping. It looks nice. But you have to do it right at the beginning, or you’ll be weeding the stuff for-freaking-ever. Definitely better than bluegrass either way, though. (Crappy sleep is, of course, typical, but because I got to bed much later than I should have thanks to the moving drama, [OK, it wasn’t really drama except in my mind], I pretty much blamed all this grouchiness on my sister.)

I’ve heard rumors that we have the bluest sky anywhere. And, like, some song talks about it even. But I don’t remember the sky in any other place I’ve been to, so I don’t know. (Anyway, so I was tired and grouchy at work, but eventually I got over it. Mansfield helped, as it usually does.)

I found this. It looked so cool. Sometimes I wish I had a better camera, but I am pretty happy wis this one. (We watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I haven’t seen that movie in many years. Well, I didn’t really pay attention today… I was never a big fan. Actually, when it came out, we saw it in theaters and it terrified the shit out of me.)

I was going to take a picture of my foots on the ground to prove I was walking, but then I realized that I could be faking it still by taking a picture of someone else’s foots on the ground. You’ll just have to take my word for it. (Then we watched a long string of 80’s movies, and one chick was so hot she actually made up for her hair.)

As you may have noticed from the previous image, there’s dirt to the left here and still that ridge. I took a picture of it. (Well, I wasn’t really paying attention to those movies either [as I was reading Mansfield], but I did notice she was that hot.)

Then I climbed up the little dirt hill and took another picture of the ridge just as the sun went behind a cloud. (Oh, someone else at work asked me if I was OK… but she was teasing me because I was wearing a black shirt. I guess I have somehow gained a reputation for wearing all black.)

The sun looked pretty cool behind the cloud. Or the cloud looked pretty cool wis the sun behind it. Or both. (BTW, I have figured out what my mutant Mary-Sue powers are. They’re awesome. I’m awesome.)

Houses still look awesome on the ridge. About here in my walk is usually where it starts to get unbearably hot and I take off my shirt. And just wear the shirt underneath. Yeah you WISH I were walking around topless. And so do I. (Oh, and speaking of mutants, I do love Warren to death and I always have, but I’ve also always thought that “having wings” is an uber-retarded mutant power, so I decided to rename him. Hence forth his code name is Winghaver. You know, like Gunhaver of Cheat Commandos.)

I’ve actually gotten more of a tan than I’ve… maybe ever had, what wis these walkings. One day I even wore sunscreen and staved off a sunburn, which is a rare occurrence for me. (Shiroi Ichigo is seriously the most annoying song. I’m trying not to skip it, but I may have to after about two seconds more.)

The dirt is eating the sidewalk. It is parasitic dirt. (Today I decided it would be a good idea to go to Safeway on the way home. The problem is, Safeway isn’t technically on the way home, so I added, like, 3/4 of another mile to my walking distance. I was wrong about it being a good idea, in other words.)

One thing I love about Colorado is that there are lots of places where you can look in one direction and see wilderness…

…and look in the other direction and see the apartments I want to move into. Or something comparable and similarly non-wilderness. These apartments, obviously, are close to work, within my price range, and have a swimming pool/weight room, garbage chutes, and laundry rooms I wouldn’t have to walk outside to get to. But I still may choose the cheaper ones a little farther away and more anime.

I found a flower.

OMG, almost to the end of this street!! The sky is dual-colored just like that in reality, too. (Holy shit, I’m tired. In half an hour it will be shower time, then bedtime.)

I found this.

That ridge is still up there, and still to my left, only now I’m looking at the other side of it since the road has come all the way around. Pretty cool. (There is a violin tenken here playing… this was the reason my mom needed the recording studio back today. This is the reason I am wearing headphones. And pretty much the reason, actually, that I don’t go get in the shower right now.)

Look, this street ends at the freeway! And a billboard. Today I encountered two giggling girls and a broken bottle near here. (I also have my door closed. The soundproofing in the recording studio is, after all, homemade, and it wouldn’t do to have my typing in her recording. The reason I mention that my door is closed is that because my door is closed [at least that had damned well better be the reason] my networky thing isn’t letting me connect to the internet.)

The dirt has almost entirely devoured the sidewalk here; presently it completely has. (I was thinking of drawing or at least starting my AAX peecture today, but not only have I wasted a lot of time going to Safeway and rambling in this lj post, I also, as previously mentioned, have no internet connection at the moment and cannot look at the character description or search for a model. Tomorrow, mayhap.)

Wilderness to the left…

…interstate highway to the right.

Then I go over a little hill. Actually I do that a lot on this walk. And I so associate this little stretch wis Melissa Etheridge now, because somehow no matter what settings I have it on, she’s always playing as I walk this part.

This street is called Popes Valley, which makes me think of the Valley of the Kings only stuffier. One must assume it is the manner of accessing all those houses on the ridge or some other rich community, but I am not sure as I have never actually taken this road. It is a road of Mystery.

And right next to the Road Of Mystery is the Drainage Ditch Of Doom!!!! How awesome is that??? I love drainage ditches. I was to climb down the rocks and… um…. sit around down there.

Wow, having made this picture so tiny, you pretty much can’t see the item that is the point of it. There’s a little mound up there wis a hole in it. When we moved here 18 or so years ago, this street was not around yet, but we could see that thing from the interstate. And my dad was so curious about it that one day he walked out to see it; he thought it might be some remnant of a local tribe. I actually don’t remember what he eventually determined it to be, but I think it had more to do wis mining than natives. Anyway, it’s a fond memory for me. These days I hear it’s filled up so far wis trash and junk that you can actually get inside it and sit there. Supposedly some pot-smokers hang out in it now sometimes.

Some clouds and some trees look cool.

I thought this distant hotel looked even cooler, so I took a peecture of it. Cool things deserve all the time to have their pictures taken. Which is why I photograph myself all the time. I haven’t posted any of those for a while, though… mayhap I should. I bet some of my lj friends who have joined me more recently have no clue what I look like. Of course, they probably also don’t care, but still…