Soon it will all be mas business and stuff. This leaves me wis mixed feelings. I like development and city and shit, but I also like teh natures. Well, they will probably intersperse the way they do in most other places, and that will be fine.

They put the stop signs up, but nobody stopped. So they put them up higher and put flags on them. I giggled so so much when they did that. It was like the stop signs were screaming, LOOK AT ME!!!

This wilderness is getting eaten by stuff:
Stuff like this hydraulic excavator, which is busy eating the other side of the street. If I were a hydraulic excavator, I would definitely eat everything.

A better view of that wilderness, wis less eatings.

Then I get a sidewalk again, and this brick wall springs out of nowhere!!!! It looks kinda cool, don’t you think?

I got up on the wall the better to see the approaching businesses. Not that they’re all that interesting, but it was fun to get up on the wall.

Then I looked back the better to see behind me.

This building looks cooler in person because it has windows of doom, but even in the picture it looks pretty cool. IF THERE WERE A WINDOW TAX…!!!!

Here is a good view out to Pulpit Rock. At this point my sister showed up in a car and drove me the rest of the way home. I was a little sad because I wasn’t able to finish my peecture-taking that day, but I have this odd mental condition that leaves me totally incapable of turning down a ride. It’s actually part of my large-scale fixation/attitude that I have yet to discuss in this journal and probably should at some point as my musings on the subject will be vastly amusing to me in years to come.

Anyway, I picked up at the same spot a few days later in cloudier weather. I am amused at the packages piled on top of the mailbox. My dad took me hiking on Pulpit Rock once when I was younger, and it scared me. I would like it now, but am too lazy to drive out there when there’s a fine hiking area not too far from where I live. Well, and at this point I have plenty of walking just getting home from work.

This is about where I always stop and drink half my water. Today I forgot my water bottle and almost died. That was stupid of meh. Mmmm, waters.

What? There’s road work ahead? No way.

This ATM gives 5’s. Or at least it did. Today I stepped aside to it to check my balance, but found it destroyed. Well, not destroyed, but not working and making funny noises and displaying two or three overlapping images. If the thing had been working, I could have avoided an unnecessary an unnecessarily taxing trip to Safeway.

This looks dangerous to me. But the number that’s listed to call and tell somebody about it is out of service. One day there was a guy just nearby working on something else of similar nature, and I was tempted to tell him… but I was listening to musics and kinda didn’t feel like talking to a stranger.

This is an intersection. Am I the only one who feels, when walking, like everyone in the cars at the intersections is staring at you?

I still love drainage ditches. The next day, the blue barrel you can kinda see was much closer and cool-looking. And litter-looking at the same time.

Now I have no mas sidewalk. That means there are a million ants. (My cat is curled up like a Pill Of Love next to the window. Why is she so cute.)

(I’m eating Canadian bacons. It still amazes me how two such awesome things can combine into such a mediocre food.)

It’s a pretty long sidewalk-less length. When they sell all the land and build shit there, sidewalks will appear.

I would love to get one of these townhomes. They look nice, and they’re in the best spot. But instead, I will get a cheap apartment and more anime. Ah, my noble ambitions. Rumors speak of a bus stop on this corner, but the day the buses actually come to this end of town is the day the moon falls on us. And has a long nose.

They are always cutting the grass here. Seriously. Not a day goes by that they don’t have to stop their obsessive lawn caring to let me pass un-grassed.

When my sisters and I were younger and my brother was too young to take part, my dad used to take us on “Saturday Morning Adventures” to see stuff in town and bond and all that. One thing we did sometimes was “hike” here… we were little enough to consider it a hike to walk to the top of this hill. Incidentally, years later, I had my first, uh, gropey experience on this hill. Looks like they’re trying to tree it up now. That should encourage mas gropey experiences for nervous, horny high schoolers in the neighborhood.

And we’re aaaalllllllmost back to the sidewalk. I have found it makes very little difference to my foots whether I’m walking on sidewalk or dirts.

Yay sidewalk! And so much green! I yuff this neighborhood ^__^

As you can see by the sky, here is another new day; I was out of space on my camera and had to finish later. Near this spot one day when I was not taking peectures, a lady was walking her dog, and it was a big dog. It was super-friendly, and dragged her right over to see me. When it jumped up on me, it somehow knocked my cell phone up out of my pocket to the ground. It was magic dog.

I love Colorado because there are little bits of wilderness everywhere, even when you’re in the middle of a settled neighborhood. This is about two minutes from my house.

View to the left; did I mention I love drainage ditches? I used to come to this one when I was younger and just… hang out. Usually alone. I found it compelling. Part of that might have been because I wasn’t supposed to go there, but I still find it pretty awesome.

View to the right; it’s a walky/doggy/joggy/bikey path thing. It was pretty awesome on a bike, actually. Hmm, I kinda wish I still had a bike.

This is my street. I’ma hold off on any pictures of my house, though, until just the right time… e.g. when I’ve had my Beastie hauled off so it’s not in the way, and all the flowers are in bloom. Anyway, that’s my walk. (I wonder if genius violin boi is done yet and I can get back online to post this and then take a shower and go the hell to bed…)