Really, the relatively coherent ones usually are more bizarre than the totally random ones. Anyway, the substance of this was as follows:

When Mary Price died, Mrs. Price was too attached to her to allow her to be buried, and thus kept her body under some pillows in her bedroom. When Fanny came home for her visit (this dream having bumped Mary’s death up by two years so it was quite close to this event), she came across Mary in her attempts at organization in her mother’s house. Horrified (though only about a billionth of how horrified she would actually be were she in character and not a dream-skew, or even as horrified as I, who was sometimes she, would be), she urged her mother to have a proper funeral and bury the body. Mrs. Price started making preparations for such… during which time Susan, more conscious than ever of her mother’s consistent preferential treatment, got so jealous of the dead sister whose very corpse seemed to be dearer to her mother than her, picked up one of Mary’s decaying arms that had fallen off and threw it sullenly into the street. Then one of the Price’s dogs, who happened to be Rosie, happily retrieved it and brought it back to chew on.

This was clearly a representation of the emotions I take from the book when Fanny is visiting “home.” The sad, shameful, disgusting impression I always get of the Price household through her eyes translated in this dream into an even greater horror (that perhaps is almost proportional to hers, given the different society)… it was a similar sensation to what I believe she must feel, only augmented by worse physical events. There are few books that give me dreams like this; Mansfield Park being my favorite Austen, it’s not surprising that it’s one of them.