Yesterday at work I got $78 for (practically) nothing. This made me happy.

Today at work I was informed that we’re not ditching overnights until further notice. This made me happy. I ate little donuts for lunch since I forgot to take samich. Oh, and my supervisor has changed again. Apparently they assume (justly) that I’m getting sick of that, because nobody bothered to tell me this time until today when I heard “Danny” was looking for me and got treated like a retard when I asked who that was.

Also today there was this woman who wasn’t happy wis our exchange policy on faulty phones… she was perfectly nice to me, but then started to get a little bitchy at Mario, the supervisor who took the call on her request when I told her I didn’t have any other option to offer her. Her complaint was that she didn’t want a refurbished phone in place of her non-picture-taking camera phone, because “Who knows where it’s been? It might have been dropped in someone’s toilet, or the baby might have chewed on it, or something.” And I’m trying desperately to remember what the exact word she used was, but I can’t for sure recall… something like contaminated — the point being that she didn’t want a germy, diseased phone. The strength of her language, at any rate, was enough to surprise a laugh out of both me (though she couldn’t hear me at this point) and the supervisor, which of course made her angry. I’d already explained that our refurbished phones are repaired both functionally and cosmetically, and that they should work and look just like new phones… but she wouldn’t accept this… and of course from the moment the supervisor laughed at her there was no reasoning with her.

She demanded a higher supervisor, so Aaron (who is, incidentally, the same rank as Mario, which is the typical dishonest result of a double-escalation) took over. She was not to be pacified from this point on, though I was gratified that she continued to refer to me as a “very nice young lady.” Anyway, Aaron’s got this largely emotionless, consistently deadpan done; he’s always very calm, and the most he could ever be justly accused of is disinterest… but the woman was adamant that he was being sarcastic with her. He was actually laughing at her fear of contagious cell phones just as much as we had been, but managed not to let her hear it. She got angrier and angrier and eventually hung up.

Whilst Aaron was busy wis lady, I was at first listening to the call, but then I saw a big ol’ spider on the floor. I would have stepped on it, as there was no way I was letting it go free in the vicinity of my desk, but I was wearing sandals and that creeps me out. So I asked Mario to step on it. He didn’t want to at first, but on observing that it was black and red and creepsome he at least took it outside. I sat on my feet the rest of my shift.

And now it is Friday!!!! I am home. Time to do stuff.