So yesterday I was (as you may recall) in a bitchy mood, so I looked up local restaurants trying to find some place where I could get brats and sauerkraut. I found a place called Eidelweiss that I had forgotten existed… it’s the restaurant where the National German Honors Society always always went and somehow always on nights when I couldn’t go… so I never actually went there during high school. And now I’ve been. Wasn’t the best brats and kraut I’ve ever had, but it was decent, and the cherry struedel was deeeelightful.

Anyway, so that put me in a much better mood. Then I got this sudden inexplicable urge to watch Zechs- er, to watch Gundam Wing, so I stayed up rather late doing so whilst M painted and did not feel good and was sadly not at all interested in teh Gundam Items.

Today I haf switched out the MP3’s for the needy; next I will start my laundry, and then on to GEF. Elsewhat I need to do today is lunch factory, and that’s pretty much it as I got my shopping done on Friday and got my hairs cut yesterday. Also, though, I’d like to try to write something… anything…

K laundry.