Yeah. I’m tired times twelve of being here, so I filled out an application for the apartments near my work. If they accept me, I’ll move in one month. If they don’t, I’ll be here another five/six months so’s I can buy a vehicle and move to the lellow apartments that are not near my work.

I am listening to the new Three Days Grace CD. Besides I Hate Everything About You, which is about my third favorite song in all existence, I found their first CD mediocre… and so far this CD’s living up to that standard. But we’ll see. Songs rarely grip me on the first listening, so mayhap some of these ones will be awesome.

Once I finished Mansfield Park, I was going to not read for a bit so I could use my free moments at work to get something written… but then I turned the page and there was Emma, and… well, yeah. The book has to be broken in sometime…

Anyway, so I was thinking of trying to write some this afternoon until I go to bed, but now I’m tempted to watch Advent Children instead… M’s boyfriend just bought it, and he left it here. Oh, decisions…..