No, not until I turn into an evil zombie and scare innocent girls into sleeping with all the lights on for weeks and weeks. Twenty-eight days until I MOVE OUT.

Right now I’m doing several things at once… really, I’m waiting for my family to vacate so’s I can continue shading Nawar’s ass uninterrupted. But I’m also working on Angles, staring at my recently thrown-together Angles title picture, drinking a soda, pondering what I shall eat today, and, now, writing an lj entry.

I had terrible insomnia yesterday. I tend to not take my sleeping pills on weekends because the idea of taking them every single day without a break really bothers me… but there’s a reason I take them the other five days!!! So I got to sleep at about 2130 after a shower and some random discussion wis … then I got up vera late today. And since I work at midnight again all next week, that puts my weekend bedtime at 15 or 16. Mou. But whatever.

So I’m getting an apartment on the second floor wis no apartment underneath, just electric rooms or something. I am highly excited.

Now dream post.