Twenty-seven days until I move. At that apartment complex there are about a million baby bunnies that are as big as my cell phone. It’s like the world is trying to make up for taking me away from the squirrels.

Now I’m working on GEF. I will finish Nawar tomorrow. Otherwise, the usual list:

o Change litter box
o Change fishwater
o Make lunch samiches
o Laundry? (nah)

I’d also like to work on some items such as Angles and any of my 30kisses stories (since I’m joined now), but we’ll see if I have time. I slept twelve million late and have to go to bed psychotic early. Elsewhat is, I must record the bizarre and uber-cool nightmarish dream I had. Also the two I didn’t get around to recording yesterday.

OK, just being in this browser (Bowzer?) is distracting me, so I’ma wrap this up and get back to teh GEFness.