I escaped from the Dungeon of Faerytale!

I killed Okiram the floating eye, Chibineko the fire elemental, Fiddychan the leprechaun, Zerotwofan the goblin, Akuyume the mind flayer, Bleedingfilth the leprechaun, Ms Monypeny the dragon, Kuroiyousei the giant spider, Farstrider the orc, Hishighnesshiko the mind flayer, Uninformed the floating eye, Alet San the fire elemental, Tiger Slave the arch-demon, Dirty Rez the minotaur, Song Of Silence the owlbear, Queen Yokozuna the arch-demon, Malcolmdie the owlbear, Ironpuncher2 the minotaur, Sabii the gelatinous cube and Ladyames the owlbear.

I looted the Shield of Kikue Mugen, the Armour of 沢下条張, the Axe of 張x鎌足, the Sword of Sozotaku, the Axe of Assassin Mantis, the Armour of After Tears, the Armour of Kenosuke, a Figurine of Okashira, the Sceptre of Lydie Chan, the Crown of Ms Bunny Rabbit, the Crown of Faerytale and 725 gold pieces.

Score: 950

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There’s a section of the dungeon that isn’t connected to the rest. You can only get to it through the sends-you-to-a-random-room trap door. How do I know this? I am a geek. I made a map.

So I found the hidden area a couple of times, but died those times. I didn’t find it this time, so I didn’t kill some of you. Mou.

This thing is far too much fun.