So in my mouth there are obviously not holes because those healed long ago, but there is more space back where my wisdom teeth were than there was before, and food gets stuck back there more easily than it used to. And for the last several days I’d been noticing something rough and hard back there, but at first I didn’t think it was a foreign object, I just thought that my gum had developed a crust or something. That was what it felt like. Nasty, huh? I was thinking about going to the dentist if it kept up. But it became more and more pronounced, and I couldn’t stop worrying it, until my tongue had all sorts of little white sores and my gums in that area were bleeding. And I began to think it really was some item that had been under my gum for a long time and had worked its way up next to the tooth. It felt like something flat wis a jagged edge, like a piece of thin broken glass only less sharp. So yesterday I took a look in a mirror and I could actually see the corner of it. I still couldn’t tell for sure whether it was an item or a part of my mouth, but I attacked it wis tweezers for twenty minutes to no avail and eventually gave up. Then today when I woke up, it felt like whatever it was had emerged a better way out, so I tried again. I got it on the second try and it came right out; I was so surprised that I got clumsy and it fell onto the bathroom floor somewhere. This makes me sad because I was super curious what it was, but now my mouth feels all normal again and that’s awesome.

The question remains, what the hell was I doing eating a little glass-like flat thing wis jagged edges? I mean, I do like to eat everything, but… Not being able to analyze the item and determine its exact nature, I will never know.