I’ve seriously had, like, fifteen noteworthy dreams since my bizarre dream-recording stint, and I can only remember three of them. >_< This should teach me to write them down the day after I have them instead of being a lazyass and putting it off.

So in the first dream, there was a group of evil mutants going around searching through everyone’s houses and killing all their small pets. We weren’t worried about our dogs, as they were too big, and apparently the rats were hidden OK and I wasn’t worried about Himura-chan… but for Tokio I was quite scared. So I hid her inside a basket inside a mass of stuff, like, in a bed or something. But when the evil mutants came in, they found her right away. So I grabbed her and ran out of the house and down the street. There I found other people running wis their small pets, and we all panicked together. Somehow, though, I found my way to the arena where Xavier and Magneto were fighting. Xavier had a sword (incidentally looked like my sword), which he threw and it went boomeranging over and impaled Magneto’s head and he died. Then all our troubles were over. Except then I was playing video games and some girl I roleplayed with who played Darth Vader was there, and there were all these snowbanks.

In the next dream, the cool and disturbing dream, I was enrolling at a new college. There was a welcome seminar thing, and there were refreshments. My ex-boyfriend, whom I haven’t seen in a couple of years now IRL, was serving these refreshments, so I waved at him. Then after the welcome seminar, we were all walking around campus when suddenly this creepy guy started being scary and creepy wis weapons and stuff. Somehow I was aware that the police had already been alerted, and we all kept walking naturally into the next building, and the guy with us. The police were all inside that building, and we all hit the floor and they pointed their guns at the creepy guy!! But he dragged me up and then I was his hostage!! I don’t remember the exact dialogue, but it was creepy. The guy was being all calm and actually kinda Akabane-like, minus the sexy, telling the police that he knew they were going to be compliant and put their guns down, because people in general were so compliant. Just look (pulling out a knife and running it lightly along my arm) how this nice girl does whatever I ask her to without arguing? And I hastened to assure everyone that I would definitely do whatever he asked without arguing, thus proving his point. Interestingly, at this point, I was worrying that he would see the scars on my arm from where I’ve cut myself wis knives, and from that get potentially unpleasant ideas.

Anyway, so because he had me hostage the creepy guy managed to get off campus and escape the police into an area of town that was full of stores and apartments, and he kept dragging me from one place to another. He also kept kissing me and I felt violated, but the compliance game continued and I had to pretend I liked it and him; fortunately, as we were still on the run, he didn’t take it any further than that. I was looking for an opportunity to pull out my cell phone and call 911 so they could use the GPS to find us, but the creepy guy wasn’t giving me the chance. Then we got to this one place where to get to the road we had to climb down the side of this one building. He made me go first, which was actually kinda stupid of him, but whatever. I climbed down wisout any problem at all, but when he went to climb he fell and broke both his legs. So finally I called 911, and I was so agitated that it took me three tries to get our location right. The police started to arrive, but the creepsome guy was gone from where he’d been lying!!! The police started looking all around, and then I saw the guy through the glass door inside the building; he’d wrapped his legs up really tightly so the bones were in place and he could walk on them… and I noticed that he’d taken off his coat and was getting ready to set off the mass of explosives he was wearing under it. I screamed at the police and then started hauling ass the other direction.

There were about ten innocent bystanders who were running alongside me at this point, and we reached another spot where it was necessary to climb down the building to get to the road and escape (don’t ask; I have no idea), but they were all afraid of falling and dying (or perhaps just breaking both of their legs). I started climbing first to show them that it was OK, and then one thing I was standing on collapsed. It was about halfway down, though, so I was fine… however, that left them wis nothing to climb down to and therefore no way out. So what do I do at this point? Keep running and leave them to splode. I love how I’m so brave and helpful in dreams. Well, whatever… I’d probably be a pussy in real life too. Anyway, my sister P was waiting in the old Aerostar nearby, so I hopped into the passenger seat and she took off really fast and soon left the town behind, at which point we drove into a huge electric fence. The End.

And then last night’s dream was freaking awesome. I have a lot of dreams, as I may have mentioned before, where I’m going back to high school and I’ve skipped a whole bunch of classes and am in danger of not passing them. Usually there are several moments of horrified freaking out before I realize that I graduated from high school long ago and am only taking these classes for fun. Because, you know, high school was so much fun. Anyway, in this dream, it was that half the time and half the time I was a realactual high schooler. Either way, I went to AAHS wis my sister and brother. Goodness knows I don’t think they’d like that IRL. Anyway, somebody had left a bunch of anime items in this one spot, and I was watching them until she came back. Then Chou came up and started talking to me; I got the feeling that prior to this date there had been heavy flirtation between us. He asked what all the stuff was, and I started looking through it; it was mostly RK books that I already had, but then I found also this published collection of the Best BSSM Fanart Ever, and some of it was drawn by Fiddychan, so I was like, O_O I must have this!! and said I would buy it from the girl when she came back.

Then we kinda lost track of that part of the dream while Chou and I had a giggly gropey high school relationship for some days. It was so awesome. Then I needed to drive my brother home, but I’d already promised to give Chou a ride home and somehow this conflicted. But conveniently my mom showed up just then to drive L home instead, and M had her own ride, so I was free to drive my little boyfriend home. As I was waiting around for him in some classroom, I decided for some reason to take a sleeping pill, and started to fall asleep at the desk while some guys in the class made fun of me and I didn’t care. Then Chou found me and kinda freaked out that I was so tired; he thought I was stressing out about getting good grades and therefore not sleeping properly, and he was trying to express his worry in a way that didn’t sound cheesy and sentimental but did sound masculine and relatively unconcerned. It was about the cutest thing ever made. Oh, and he was stoned; he’d been doing teh pot in the bathroom. So I, sleeping-pilled up, and he, totally baked, got into my car and started to try to get him home. But he wasn’t coherent enough to give me proper directions, and I was so tired that I got giggly and found this hilarious. Then I woke up. But Chou was my boyfriend for a while.