Yesterday I wented to Fiddychan’s house and left my phone there. I told myself, when I set it down on that table, that I was going to forget it there, and, lo and behold, I am a prophetess. So I am cellphoneless right now and I miss it. Of course, as soon as I see how many sales I had last month, I can hopefully get a NEW phone of love and rursuss.

After I came home I took a shower and went to bed rather late. Then all during my sneep the smoke detectors in the house decided to spazz out. Eventually my dad pulled them all down because they were driving everyone crazy, but first they woke me up half a million times.

And THEN Tokio’s food was all eaten. I dunno whether she did it or a dog came in and did it (ten more days and I won’t have to worry about the dogs doing that any more), but once her food bowl is empty she freaks out and makes a million noise until I put more in there. This time she somehow managed to get into the nearly empty bag and started running around in it bumping into things. Then somehow, still inside the food bag, she got into the litter box and knocked the cover off. So I’m lying there mostly asleep and I hear thump thump thump BANG BANG BANG thump thump thump. So finally I got up and went to get her mas food. I was trying to open the new bag, and the damn thing would not open. So here I am crouching on the floor naked for, like, ten minutes trying to pry open this bag while Tokio’s running around me and yowling, and just outside the door is my dad messing wis the noisy smoke detector. It was teh grouchiness on me.

However, despite all this, I got up on time and was just fine (though tired), and had a decent day at work. I worked more on Wild Cat. I got so far into the chapter yesterday that I was fairly sure I’d finish it at work, and therefore reread the latest chapter of Majime ni Ikite before I went to bed (as that would need to be worked on after the WC one)… but then we were busier than yesterday and I didn’t quite finish the WC chapter, and thus didn’t start the MnI chapter. However, the rereading seemed to prompt the Chou dream I had as I slept, and I’m not complaining about that. Dreams in next post.