So when I got up today, I had this email waiting for me from P:

I believe it may have been my father who offended my mother this morning… but I could be wrong. I was just in the bathroom putting on makeup and mom had followed dad in there and I didn’t hear their conversation until I heard mom say “It hurt me” and I assumed they were discussing whatever had happened this morning, and then dad said “I’m sorry” and mom got huffy and said “Well thank you! Do you want to say anything else about it??” Seems dad didn’t want to because she left the room and slammed the door and plopped down at the computer, and now dad’s acting sheepish and cleaning things.

(Course, it was all fairly muffled because it was through the bathroom wall, so my ears may have been mistaken.)

So mom must have gone crazy at him over something and he acted like it wasn’t a big deal, (which it probably wasn’t) or maybe actually said something to her like he so badly wants to sometimes when she’s being irrational, and mom threw a fit. Or something. That’s my theory. It can’t be anything that bad, or we would have had another Debbie’s-coming-to-live-with-us-style blowout from mom.

Anyhow, that was my accidental detective work for the day. Weird weird weird.

So that’s the update on the mom situation. Apparently she played three games of Mario Party in a row, when usually she only does one. Also they all went out to dinner and P says it was really awkward.

And as for P… I went downstairs to do laundry as I’d intended, and she was in the bathroom making getting-ready type noises. I asked through the door if she was just getting out of the shower or just getting into it, as if she was just getting into it I wasn’t going to start the washer just yet. But she was just getting out. Then as I was folding laundry I said, without much hope, “Hey, do you have any money?” “Yeah; why?” she replied. “Dyou want to buy me food?” I asked. “Food where?” asked she. “Anywhere,” said I, and explained that I can’t afford to eat out or buy stupid shit until I’m secure in the new apartment. “Sure,” she said, “if you want to drive. I probably owe you hundreds of dollars anyway.” This struck me as very odd. First off, she usually drives whenever we go anywhere. Secondly, here she was actually admitting that she probably owes me hundreds of dollars?

I continued wis the laundry, and a bit later she came staggering out of the bathroom, leaned on the laundry room door, and started giggling madly. “I am the drunkest person ever right now,” she said.

So we went to Village Inn. On the way she confessed that she’d drunk an entire bottle of rum because she just discovered the other day that C, among his other crimes, is wanted for statutory rape. Apparently some cops came by the other day to see if she had any information on his current whereabouts, which is how she found out about this. He molested a 14-year-old boy a couple of weeks after he married her.

She was indeed very drunk, but the food helped… and having something else to discuss (mom), she was able to be distracted. And when we came home she was able to sleep, I think.

So I’ve had my bacon cheeseburger and my outing, and am even more glad I’m moving out in a week. The End.