Before you die, you see the new apartment.

Not to be fatalistic or anything.

Got stuff posted. Good jobon me. I’m feeling restless today; I want to go somewhere, but there are few places I enjoy going that don’t require monies. I could go hiking, but I can’t do that on teh red as it makes the cramps blow up and kill me. I could go to Fiddychan’s house, but it’s six in the morning. And I have no car. What I really, really want is a cheeseburger-like item wis bacons, but, once again… monies. I suppose I will just do laundry and make twelve peanut butter and jelly samiches.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Red Robin sent me a coupon in my email today? That would be awesome. I should work on MnI today, but I don’t know if I shall. Mayhap I shall watch Trigun wis L. He thinks everything Vash ever does well is pure dumb luck XD M has been watching PGSM for the last couple of days. We had Chinese foods the other day. MmmmmmmChinesefoods.

I move in one week.