I figure I better update one of these days. Speaking of days, there are three of them left before I move. But if I don’t get a good sleep sometime, I will die before that. It’s been so terrible this week… by this time, I am not wishing to do anything at all. Mayhap today I will pass out and therefore have restful times.

Saw teh Pirates yesterday. FREAKING AWESOME. I would not spoil anyone for the WORLD. Twelve million love. Must see it again ASAP. Oh, and I was RIGHT about one thing that I guessed. Well, actually, it was more like idle speculation… “Wouldn’t it be awesome if…” and I was RIGHT.

I’ve been mostly working on CC at work this week. MnI is supposed to be updated next, and I don’t really think I’ll have the CC chapter done first… but this is definitely delay. Delay shall further commence upon moving, as I shall be too busy wis wall scrolls and walking around naked to be much productive.

Oh, I think it’s about time to eat Tao Ren.