So on Friday I went to bed early both because I was excited to get up and get ready to move on Saturday and because I was desperately tired. Incidentally, I am desperately tired today as well, but more on that later. So I got up on Saturday, bundled up all my clothes in my sheets and blanket, stuffed items in boxes, and was terribly impatient for 9:00 when I would go pick up my keys and pay lots of money. At that time, I saw baby bunnies and discovered, as I had anticipated, that my apartment is, in fact, the Best Apartment Ever. I randomly took some pictures of it whilst it was empty, and I shall post them soon… I don’t know how long it will be before I can post pictures of it not-empty.

Then I started moving stuff despite my resolution not to use my parents’ cars to do so… M’s boyfriend, who is a very nice boy, was to come by later after his work wis his truck to help me, and I thought it would be easiest for everyone if I could manage things in as few truckloads as possible… but I discovered that the type of box I always use for packing (McDonald’s fry cases, which I have found to be the perfect size and shape and virtually indestructable) do, in fact, fit in the trunk of my mom’s car… so I couldn’t resist taking boxes over. My sisters helped me and saw my lovely apartment, and then we went to Red Robin. I should not have spent money on foods… for though I had to pay less at move-in than I’d anticipated, that doesn’t mean I have a million dollars to waste. Still, Red Robin is love.

Then my dad helped me move more boxes and also saw my apartment of love. I kinda felt bad, because it was his birthday. And then he decided he wanted to buy me a million foods to put in my cupboards (in my adorable kitchen)! This was unnecessary but extremely nice of him, and made me feel even worse about not having a birthday present for him. P, who went food-shopping wis him to prevent him from buying me stuff like grape jam (*shudder*) said it was the cutest thing she’d ever seen, as she speculated my dad had not been grocery shopping in twenty years. They got me croissants and butter and jam (raspberry) and peanut butter (crunchy) and hot dogs and buns and all the stuff to put on them and soup (cream of mushroom; like, ten cans) and spaghetti-o’s (again, like, ten cans) and a whole freaking case of ramen noodles (chicken flavor) and milk and cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and eggs (two dozen, I think).

Having an adorable kitchen full of food is the best thing ever, but besides the guilty feelings previously mentioned, there is one drawback….

I have no dishes. I used to have a lovely frying pan my parents got me for my birthday a couple of years back, but I accidentally left it behind when I fled the lair of P and C and Hime-chan, and it went thence to C’s mom’s house, never to be seen by me again. I was going to buy dishes (and towels and shelves) before I moved out, but I was stupid and spent too much money on stupid shit and couldn’t buy stuff I actually needed. I did get some cheap styrofoam cups, paper plates, and plastic cutlery, but I definitely don’t have anything in which to cook hot dogs, noodles, eggs, or soup… and wis nothing bigger than eight ounces, I’m not even sure how I could eat some of that stuff.

But I don’t want to sound bitchy and ungrateful! Being unexpectedly provided wis enough food for… a long time… I’m sure my ingenuity will be sufficient for its consumption. And it makes me extremely happy to have it, and to have such a nice dad. And I can eat the croissants already wis no trouble. Sam’s Club croissants are the best ever, and wis raspberry jam they are even better ^__^

Faith came over and saw the lovely apartment too, and helped wis items. I felt like I’d commandeered everyone’s day, but moving did seem a lot easier wis helps. Faith also promised to help wis the milk. I am not a milk drinker… in the past, in fact, I’ve learned that if I want to eat cereal, I must only buy enough milk for that breakfast, or the remainder will go bad before I ever get to it. But Fiddychan likes milk.

The M’s boyfriend appeared wis his truck and helped wis the moving of the large items, and finally everything was transported except some hangers I forgot. At one point my mom also came to see the joy, so all my family have seen it except my brother.

We brought Tokio over last, and she was not pleased. She hid under the bed for many hours, and as yet is still not entirely comfortable. I forgot to mention that my dad got her a scratching post along wis all my food ^__^

The family-types went home, and Faith and I waited for the Adelphia guy who was coming to hook up my internetings. He arrived, and had the coolest hair I’ve ever seen. He let me take a picture of it, so you all will see its glory.

Then Faith and I went to Applebee’s and eated some delicious foods, and by that time I was a million tired and silly. Not as much, though, as when I then went to my parents’ house for cake. I think I didn’t get home (DA HA HA HA, HOME) and to bed until after 2100.

Catcat slept right against me because of being still nervous, but the next day seemed easy enough. I, on the other hand, was horribly sore all over. Some Tylenol and the First Shower helped that, however, and then gleefully (AND NAKED) I set about unpacking and setting things up. Tokio attacked her new scratching post viciously at intervals and got used to being there. The First DVD was Strong Bad emails vol. 1.

Thanks to all who voted in my scroll poll. I had been leaning toward putting all the RK stuff up in the main room, but then I was swayed by the majority vote to put everything up randomly. Although, since my RK scrolls outnumber my other scrolls two to one, it’s more “alternating” than “random.” At any rate, all the scrolls are up; still working on the posters and other stuff.

I also have a few boxes left to unload. In an attempt at getting rid of as many as possible, I went ahead and pulled out all my books and other shelf-dwelling items despite having no shelves due to the previously mentioned overspending. They’re all stacked against the wall in the hall.

Once all the wall decorations are up and all the boxes are empty and everything is generally in order, I shall take peectures!!!!! That will be terribly exciting.

After doing stuffs for several hours and getting lots of things organdized, I went wis Fiddychan to meet Pierrling at the mall and watch Dead Man’s Chest again. It was lovely again. Then we (meaning Faith and I) had garlic breads at Louie’s Pizza and went to Wal-Mart. I got home and to bed super-late, and therefore was super-tired today. Which is fine because I had fun and I am the happiest person ever invented. Now I am putting up more stuff on the walls and will also work on boxes. Love life!!!!!!

Oh, also, Tokio sunngled me again all night. She’s mostly OK by now, but still not entirely comfortable.