…….my new apartment. Are you surprised?

Here are all the peectures I’ve taken of it so far. It no longer looks like this, but is in a transition stage. By weekend I hopefully shall have a much more interesting batch.

When you walks in, you sees the patio door and the air conditioner!! Isn’t that terribly exciting?? The air conditioner works quite well ^__^ I didn’t take a peecture of the patio; I should have. I suppose I shall when I take mas.

Then if you turn around you see the rest of this room, my “kitchen,” which, as you can see, is the Cutest Kitchen Ever. Also I have a door! I use it to get in and out. It has a lock wis a key that looks just like all the rest of my keys. I am not kidding. I have four identical keys.

There is a closet. It is a little difficult to open. I shall put some oil on the track. I also have a hallway!!! It leads to the bedroom and the bathroom and is currently full of books and DVD cases and stuff.

Doors are superfluous. All buildings should lack them. This is the door into the bedroom. You can see I have a window in there. I will hang sheets over it eventually.

For some reason there are two closets in the bedroom. I dunno why. Not one closet wis two doors… two closets. I am amused. Enishi is in one of them.

Bathrooms are useful! I am pleased to have one ^__^ Right now there is cat litter all over the floor because Tokio decided there should be. I will have Enishi pick it up later.

The Adelphia guy. I will make a fanclub for his hairs when I am done squeeing over them.

My life is awesome.